Marine Wildlife Viewing in British Columbia
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Orcas porpoising Grizzly Bear and 3 cubs Dolphins leaping Orca brothers Sea Lions on the rocks Eagle Soaring Big Grizzly Dolphin Mirror image Orca blowing  air Grizzly Bear cub and salmon Humpback Whales A30 orca pod Eagle and Hake Grizzly in Ocean Dolphins in the mist Black Bear and cubs

We offer awe-inspiring Grizzly Bear Watching, Orca Killer Whale Watching, Marine Wildlife Viewing and Adventure Tours from Campbell River on Vancouver Island in British Columbia,Canada. One of the most beautiful and breath-taking places found anywhere on Earth. Our locally born Tour Guides have a minimum of 35 years experience working and travelling within the coastal waters of British Columbia.

Campbell River's longest running Whale and Grizzly Bear Tour Company

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